State Recycling Laws Update

8 September 2017:

North Carolina General Assembly Repeals County's Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban
The ban repeal provision was added to a broader environmental bill.

California Legislature Poised To Approve Changes to Carpet Recycling Law
Among the changes are setting a 24% minimum carpet recycling rate target for 2020.

Update of Connecticut Volatile Organic Compound Limits Regulations Nearing Completion
Revisions apply to consumer products and architectural and industrial maintenance coatings.

Bills Introduced in New York Assembly Would Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware and Modify Current Plastic Bag Recycling Requirements
The plastic bag bill would extend the current plastic bag recycling law to more New York City stores.

Proposal to Require Compostable Carryout Food Packaging Introduced in Honolulu City Council
The bill would update an obsolete existing polystyrene foam packaging ordinance.

Recycling Laws International

18 September 2017:

Norwegian Government Amends Packaging Recycling Law to Add Extended Producer Responsibility Requirements
Packaging producers must now join a government-approved EPR organization.

Scottish First Minister Announces Go Ahead for a National Container Deposit Scheme
The government also will establish an advisory group on reducing waste and boosting the circular economy.

Indian CPCB Notifies 225 EEE Producers for Failure to Comply with E-Waste EPR Rules
The companies have yet to apply for authorization, the first regulatory compliance step.

UK Parliament Committee Re-Launches Inquiry into Disposable Coffee Cups and Plastic Bottle Waste
Public written submissions are again being accepted.

French Government Consults on Draft Regulation Addressing Reusable Parts from End-of-Life Vehicles
The regulation would distinguish reusable parts from waste for legal purposes.

A Second Bill to Reduce Food Waste Has Been Introduced in Philippine House of Representatives
Food waste prevention would be attained largely through food donations and recycling.

The Bulletin

13 September 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
Bill to Ban Polystyrene Foam Food Service Packaging Introduced in Baltimore City Council

Statistics and Trends:
2016 EU Carton Recycling Rate Increased to 47%
C&D Waste Recycling Rate Increased to 48% in Catalonia Last Year
Brazilian Ministry of Environment Announces R$10 Million in Funding for Municipal Composting Projects
Quebec Government Dedicates $400,000 to Reduce Fresh Meat Waste through Improved Packaging
French Government Agency Criticizes Environment Impacts of Smart Phones
Queensland Government Investigates Waste Transport to State Landfills
R&D Project in Melbourne Uses Recycled Glass in Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
Colombian Minister of Environment Calls for Transition to a Circular Economy

Business Initiatives:
Two Established French EPR Organizations Merge into New Entity

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