State Recycling Laws Update

19 December 2018:

New Jersey Lawmakers Move to Create a Plastic Pollution Task Force
Companion bills were introduced in the Assembly and Senate.

Bill to Allow Local Ordinances Prohibiting or Restricting Single-Use Bags Pre-Filed in Texas House of Representatives
The measure would change the definition of "container or package" in a key Texas Health and Safety Code provision.

Bill Authorizing Local Taxes on Disposable Bags Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
The proposed five-cent tax would apply to disposable plastic and paper bags.

California Assembly Bill Seeks to Reduce Plastic Microfiber Pollution from Textiles
The bill says polyester is a key microfiber pollutant in waterways and oceans.

Gainesville Florida City Commission to Consider Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
A vote on a proposed ordinance is expected to take place on January 3.

Texas Lawmaker Calls for Plan to Use More Recyclable Materials as Manufacturing Feedstock
His bill also would include a recycling education program.

California State Senator Calls for Legislation to Address Collapse of Recyclable Material Exports
California exported 8.1 million tons of recyclable materials to China in 2017.

Resolution Addressing Effects of China's National Sword Policy on Recycling Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The resolution calls for a study that could lead to reduced minimum municipal solid waste recycling rates.

Pittsburgh City Council Bill Would Authorize New Residential E-Waste Recycling Service
Pennsylvania General Assembly banned the landfill disposal of some common electronic devices in 2010.

Recycling Laws International

10 December 2018:

German Government Announces Five-Point Plan for Reducing Plastic Waste
More eco-friendly design of packaging and products and higher plastic recycling targets are two of the points included in the plan.

Peruvian Congress Approves Bill to Tax Single-Use Plastic Packaging
The law also authorizes tax incentives for companies to produce biodegradable alternatives.

Portuguese Government Decree Establishes Container Deposit Scheme Pilot Project
Initially, the deposit will apply only to plastic bottles but later glass, aluminum, and steel containers will be added.

Brazilian Senado Approves Bill to Establish Reverse Logistics for Cooking Oil
The bill now will be taken up by the Camara dos Deputados.

Brazilian Ministry of Environment Releases Draft Reverse Logistics Plan for Lead-Acid Batteries
The plan calls for collecting 90% of all waste lead-acid batteries introduced into the market within four years.

Latest Danish Government Report Shows Packaging Recycling Up in 2016
The recycling rates for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, metal and wood all increased and exceed EU targets

The Bulletin

10 December 2018:

Regulatory Developments:
CalRecycle Announces Arrests in Alleged $16 Million Beverage Container Recycling Fraud Case
Government of Portugal Opens Public Consultation on Green Procurement Product Criteria

Statistics and Trends:
United Nations Report Says 66% of Countries Worldwide Have Enacted Legislation To Regulate Plastic Bags
New South Wales CDS Surpasses One Billion Container Returns
Northern Ireland Household Waste Recycling Rate Up 3.7% in FY2017/2018
Irish EPA Study Finds Insufficient Food and Plastic Wastes Being Separated from Trash

Business Initiatives:
European Bioplastics Industry Forecasts Nearly 25% Growth Over Next Five Years
CITEO Announces Trial Composting of PLA Plastic
US Aluminum Association Opposes Proposal to Repeal Michigan Container Deposit Scheme
Industry Association Says 2 Million Americans Can Recycle Paper Beverage Cups through Its City Partnerships

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