State Recycling Laws Update

22 September 2014:

Bill Introduced in Michigan Would Require Quarterly Reports from Recyclers
DEQ would compile recyclers' reports into an annual report for the state legislature.

Increase in Pennsylvania Landfill Disposal Fee Proposed to Fund Social Support Program
Residents with autism and intellectual disabilities would be the beneficiaries.

Bill in US Senate Would Place a Tax on 42 Hazardous Chemicals
The tax would support remediation of SuperFund sites.

Proposed Seattle Ordinance Would Require Recycling of Food Waste and Compostable Paper
Ordinance would apply to residences and commercial establishments.

Montgomery County, Maryland Considers Polystyrene Foam Packaging Ban
Polystyrene loose fill packaging would also be banned.

Recycling Council of Ontario Releases Technical Document on Battery Recycling Reporting
Recommendations are likely to be approved early next year.

Recycling Laws International

26 September 2014:

Report Calls Recent EU Waste Shipment Regulatory Enforcement "Very Successful"
Future inspections of wood, paper, card, metals and plastics and other dry recyclables recommended.

Second Bill to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in Philippine Senate
A five-peso levy would be assessed for each recyclable paper and biodegradable plastic bag distributed.

Draft French Environmental Health Plan Addresses Exposure to EDCs, Nanomaterials and other Substances
The plan is expected to be approved in December.

OECD Launches Online Knowledge Center on Toxic Chemicals Pathways
Industries, governments and academia invited to contribute to initial wiki.

The Bulletin

1 October 2014:

Government and Regulatory:
Norwegian Government Spot Checks Find Batteries Not Properly Marked for Recycling
US Senator Boxer Proposes Changes to TSCA Reform Bill
Maine DEP Denies Proposed New Landfill Request
New Jersey DEP Assesses $480,000 in Fines for Illegal Dumping

Statistics and Trends:
Scotland Misses Self-Imposed 2013 Landfill Reduction Target
2013 Green Procurement in Taiwan Reaches 66.4 Million Yuan
ACT Public Education Campaign Addresses Different Kind of Plastic Bag Problem
Workshops on Eco-Design Being Rolled Out by Chilean Environmental Ministry
Polystyrene Foam Service Wear Being Removed from Some US Congress Cafeterias

Business Initiatives:
Home E-Waste Recycling Box Initiative Launched in Australia
BVSE Concerned About Plastic Contaminants Level in German Compost
Recyclum Reaches 30,000-Ton Waste Lamp Collection Milestone

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