State Recycling Laws Update

24 July 2017:

California DTSC Approves Revised Waste Mercury-Containing Thermostat Collection Plan
However, despite the approval, DTSC wants more changes to the stewardship plan.

Illinois General Assembly Approves Changes to Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act
The bill was sent to Governor Bruce Rauner for signing.

Extension of CalRecycle's Authorized Review Period for Local Solid Waste Plans Approved by State Legislature
The enrolled version was sent to Governor Brown to sign.

California Senate Approves Bill for Beverage Container Recycling Pilot Projects in Particular Areas
The measure seeks to relieve container redemption financial pressure on small grocery and convenience stores.

New York City Department of Sanitation Plans to Expand the Number of Food Establishments Covered by Organic Waste Recycling Rules
Many supermarkets, restaurants and food chains with 50 or more locations in the city could soon be added.

Honolulu City Council Approves Expansion of Plastic Bag Ban
The approved bill also places interim fees on reusable and compostable plastic bags starting next year.

Recycling Laws International

20 July 2017:

G20 Nations Agree to Action Plan on Marine Litter
The plan includes seven general areas of emphasis.

Peruvian Government Consults on Draft Law on Integrated Solid Waste Management
The draft law incorporates the concept of a circular economy, the five-level waste management hierarchy, and extended producer responsibility to minimize waste disposal.

Puerto Rican Representantes Call for Camara Study of Current E-Waste Management Situation
The investigation seeks to determine if the current e-waste law is being properly followed.

Norwegian Environment Agency Proposes Beverage Container Deposit Increase
A public consultation is open until September.

Nordic Council of Ministers Outline Strategy to Cut Food Waste in Half
The Council also published a guidance document on food waste and date labeling.

Brazilian Senate Bill Would Require Warning Labels on Food and Cosmetics Containing Potentially Carcinogenic Ingredients
The labeling requirement could encourage manufacturers to switch to safer alternative ingredients.

The Bulletin

26 July 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
New York City to Begin Compliance Checks for Business Recycling Starting August 1
St. Petersburg, Florida City Council Considers Drafting Single-Use Plastic Bags Ordinance

Statistics and Trends:
Latest Data Indicates Single-Use Plastic Bag Distribution among Top English Retailers Declined 83%
Saskatchewan Recovered 62% of Waste Packaging and Printed Paper in 2016
Tennessee DEC Announces Availability of $4.5 Million in Recycling and Waste Reduction Grants
Nebraska DEQ Announces Availability of $1.5 Million in Litter Reduction and Recycling Grants

Business Initiatives:
EU Plastics Recycling Association Cites Several Reasons for Decline in Recycled PET Yield
Coca-Cola to Double the Recycled Content in Its UK Plastic Bottles by 2020
UK Environmental Services Association Calls for Government 25-Year Waste and Resources Plan
American Chemistry Council Study Indicates Pollution from Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Is Relatively Low

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