State Recycling Laws Update

23 January 2017:

Indiana Senator Calls for Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Packaging and Printed Paper
The senate bill would set a 50% packaging and printed paper recycling target for 2023.

Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging and other Products Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The proposed ban would follow one already in effect in the state's largest county.

Vermont Representatives Join Effort to Expand State Container Deposit Scheme
They also want to direct unredeemed deposits to a new state fund.

Bills Introduced in New Hampshire and New York Address Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
One bill would authorize local ordinances; the other would prohibit them.

Bill Introduced in New York Senate Would Reduce Food and Food Packaging Waste by State Government Agencies and Contractors
Directing unused edible food to community food assistance organizations would be the priority method for waste reduction.

Electronics Extended Producer Responsibility Program Proposed in New Hampshire General Court
Manufacturers could participate in either a standard plan developed by the state or implement their own.

Plan to Recycle Unwanted Government Electronics Introduced in Mississippi Legislature
The bill authorizes a possible ban on landfill disposal of electronics starting in 2019.

Companion Bills in Minnesota Legislature Could Increase Electronic Products Reuse
Manufacturers of digital electronic products would need to make repair/update information and tools available to product owners and independent repair services.

Maryland House Measure Would Update Law Addressing Recycling Facilities
Department of the Environment would adopt new regulations.

Recent Bills Would Revise Recycling and Waste Provisions in Two States
The Bills address beneficial use of waste and waste collection and recycling incentives.

Scrap Sales of Cell Tower Batteries Is the Subject of a Maryland House Proposal
The batteries would be added to a list of items requiring sales recordkeeping by scrap metal buyers.

Mississippi Senator Sponsors Bill Requiring Restrictions on Food Containers Having BPA or Phthalates
The bill would also require warning labels on packaging.

Legislators in Four States Consider Restricting Flame Retardants in Certain Products
The different bills vary in the specific flame retardants to be restricted and other provisions.

Recycling Laws International

21 December 2016:

Indian CPCB Publishes Evaluation Forms and Procedures for EEE Producer EPR Authorizations
The document provides supporting details to the Indian E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016.

Queensland Government Consults on Possible Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban
Biodegradable plastic bags would also be banned.

Norwegian Environment Agency Recommends a Tax on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The proposed tax could be included in packaging waste law revisions already being developed.

Swedish Government Testing of Sample Consumer Electronics Found More Than One-Third Contained Restricted Substances above Legal Limits
About half the EEE products examined also had non-compliant labeling.

Cell Phone Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Brazilian Camara
Collection points would be placed in supermarkets, shopping centers and indoor malls.

Bill Introduced in Welsh Assembly Would Update Landfill Disposal Taxes
All "taxable disposals," authorized or illegal, would be covered.

More Details of Developing Irish Product Stewardship Scheme for Waste Tires Emerge
The amount of the scheme's environmental management charge is still undetermined.

Reducing Cigarette Butt Litter Subject of Brazilian Camara Bill
The bill would require cigarettes contain only biodegradable material.

The Bulletin

18 January 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
CalRecycle to Discuss Progress Report on the State Paint Stewardship Program this Month
European Chemicals Agency Adds Bisphenol A to its Candidate List

Statistics and Trends:
Danish Waste Association Supports Push for 70% Global Plastics Recycling Rate
Declining Irish ELV Recycling Rate Raises Government Concern
Spanish Packaging Compliance Organization and Catalan Waste Agency Sign Ecodesign Agreement
Chilean Program Trains and Certifies Street Scavengers to Secure Emerging Recycling Jobs

Business Initiatives:
Unilever Says All Its Plastic Packaging Will Be 100% Recyclable by 2025
UK Food and Drink Businesses Commit to Divert Twice as Much Surplus Food from Landfill
ISRI Considering New Specifications for MRF Glass and Inbound Mixed Recyclables
International Standard for Recycling Concrete Published by ASTM

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