State Recycling Laws Update

2 March 2015:

Statewide Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Containers Proposed in Maine Legislature
Alternative food service containers would need to be recyclable or compostable.

California Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Delayed by Successful Petition Drive
State voters will have final say on the matter through the 2016 election ballot.

Plastic Bag Fee Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania Senate
Retailers would submit collected fees to the state and receive grants from the state.

Single-Use Plastic Bag Tax Proposed for Vermont
The tax would take effect on July 1, 2015.

EPR Program for Electronics Proposed for Missouri
Measure sets a 75% minimum recycling rate for 2020.

Iowa Legislature Takes Up Commercial Food Waste Diversion Bill
The measure would appropriate $200,000 to support demonstration projects.

Income Tax Credit for Composting Expenses Offered in Illinois General Assembly
A maximum annual deduction up to $2,000 would be allowed.

Carpet Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Illinois Legislature
A stewardship assessment would be placed on each square foot of product offered for sale.

EPR for Mercury-Containing Lamps Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The bill includes green government purchasing criteria for lamps.

Virginia Legislature Extends Tax Credit for Recyclable Materials
The new law will also double the size of the credit.

Statewide Resources Management Plan Proposed for Illinois
The sponsor says many metropolitan solid waste disposal practices are inadequate.

States Seek to Amend Laws Regarding Landfill Closure Costs
Two bills would extend or expand existing laws; one would establish a new state account.

California Bill Calls for 75% Waste Tire Recycling Rate
A new tire recycling incentive program would be created to help achieve the rate.

Collection of Used Medical Sharps Proposed by Maine and Rhode Island Legislators
Pharmacies would be required to provide in-store collection containers.

Two States Get Bills Requiring Pharmacies to Take Back Drugs
Take back programs would need to comply with all federal laws.

New York Lawmakers Again Calling for Recycling System for Cigarette Butts
The system would include a deposit on cigarette butts.

Rhode Island Lawmakers Propose Restrictions on Formaldehyde, BPA and Flame Retardants in Children's and Other Products
Five legislators introduced a series of four consecutive bills.

California and Rhode Island Are Latest States to Consider Plastic Microbead Bans
Rhode Island bill would also limit phosphorus compounds in household cleaning products.

Bill to Ban Flame Retardants Introduced in Minnesota State Legislature
Ten chemicals to be restricted specified in the legislation.

Minnesota Senators Want to Add New Requirements to the Minnesota Toxic Free Kids Act
New fees also proposed.

Recycling Laws International

12 February 2015:

Singapore Publishes Draft RoHS Regulations
Substance restrictions would apply to only six types of EEE products.

Public Consultation Opened for Revisions to Japanese Home Appliance Recycling Law Enforcement Ordinance
Recycling rate targets to increase for 4 of 5 product categories.

Norwegian Government Proposes Tax on Plastic and Paper Bags
Public consultation was opened on proposal.

Use of Biodegradable Bags Would Be Phased In Under Philippine Senate Bill
The bill also mandates a fee for plastic bags and their in-store collection and recycling.

Lithuania Publishes Draft Revised Packaging Waste Recycling Targets
Some recycling rates would steadily increase from 2016 through 2020 to meet EU requirements.

Japan Ministry of the Environment Releases 2013 Municipal Solid Waste Management Statistics
Waste generation decreased slightly from a year earlier.

The Bulletin

25 February 2015:

Government and Regulatory:
UK Government Proposes New Actions to Combat Illegal Waste Operations
French Government Seeks Projects to Advance Bio-based and Recycled Textile Use
New York County Considers Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags

Statistics and Trends:
Michigan DEQ Announces $587,000 in Scrap Tire Grants
Dutch Agreement Expected to Increase Recycling at Train Stations
1-in-5 Mercury-Containing CFLs is Improperly Disposed Says Danish EPA
Western Australia Plans to Construct Large Scale Energy-from-Waste Facility
Austin City Government Offers Local Businesses $1,800 Each to Recycle
WRAP Publishes Information Guides for Establishing Product Re-Use Partnerships

Business and Industry Initiatives:
Major Carrefour Recycling Plan Approved by Buenos Aires Provincial Government
All Tetra Pak Production Facilites Now FSC CoC Certified
Ohio Business Groups Participate in Voluntary Recycling Data Reporting Effort

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