State Recycling Laws Update

22 May 2017:

New York Senate Bill Would Promote C&D Waste Diversion in Government Construction Projects
Proposed rules would apply to general contractors and subcontractors bidding on state projects.

Texas Legislature Approves Pesticide Waste and Waste Containers Collection Program
The law takes effect on September 1.

Hawaii State Legislature Authorizes County Government to Receive Money from the State Electronic Device Recycling Fund
Previous distributions to county governments were ruled by the Attorney General to be a misinterpretation of the law.

Rhode Island House of Representatives Approves Resolution Promoting Recycling in Schools
The measure supports establishing and maintaining recycling programs in all classrooms, administrative offices, and other areas owned or leased by school districts.

New York City Council Prepares to Reinstitute Ban on Polystyrene Foam
A new bill would essentially reinstate an ordinance overturned by a judge in 2015.

Maine Legislature Approves Bill to Fund Biobased Product Development
The measure would allocate $1.5 million in funding to a particular institution.

Maine Legislator Says Paint Stewardship Container Fees Should be Exempt from the State Sales Tax
The lawmaker introduced a bill to specify the exemption.

Fifth Bill to Restrict Chemicals of High Concern to Children Was Introduced in the New York Senate
Manufacturers of affected products would need to provide information to several government departments and retailers selling those products.

Recycling Laws International

26 May 2017:

Estonian Parliament Approves Plastic Bag Law
The new law brings Estonia into compliance with Directive (EU) 2015/720 on reducing plastic bag consumption

European Parliament Committee Resolution Calls for Action on Reducing Food Waste, Increasing Resource Efficiency
The resolution recommends 135 considerations to be made or actions to be taken by the European Commission, Member States and industry stakeholders.

French Government Approves New Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility Organization
The decision brings new competition to two other EPR organizations first approved by the government in the 1990s.

Municipal Collection of Waste Electronics, Batteries and Lamps Proposed in Brazilian Camara Bill
The proposed collection could accelerate slow-to-evolve extended producer responsibility programs.

Biodegradable Food Packaging Bill Being Considered in Colombian Congress
Among the bill's provisions is a registry on the Ministry of Environment website of producers offering appropriate biodegradable food containers.

Brazilian Deputado Recommends Penalties for Ship Captains That Dump Plastic Waste in the Water
His bill would amend a law addressing marine navigation safety.

Swiss Federal Office for the Environment Helps Launch National Anti-Littering Logo
The logo may be used by local governments and schools to show support in the fight against litter.

The Bulletin

24 May 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection Reports Single-Use Plastic Bag Consumption Down 80% after Passage of Bag Law
European Chemicals Agency Publishes New Documents on Nanomaterials Registration

Statistics and Trends:
Paris Launches Separated Food Waste Collection Pilot Program
Irish EPA Publishes Two Industry Guides on Reusing Products
Ohio EPA Awards $5 Million in Recycling and Litter Prevention Grants
Nebraska DEQ Awards $1.7 Million Awarded for Waste Tire Recycling and Collection Projects
Western Australian Government Announces Funding for Waste Avoidance Projects

Business Initiatives:
Biobased Plastic Receives Interim Approval by the European PET Bottle Platform
Nestle Expands Brazilian Waste Coffee Capsules Collection and Recycling Network
WEEE Ireland Announces Partnership with PV Cycle

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