State Recycling Laws Update

17 October 2016:

Texas Attorney General Sues Brownsville to Overturn Its Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinance
The fee on single-use plastic bags went into effect more than five years ago.

Seattle City Council Approves Changes to Existing Carryout Bag Ordinance
Among changes, compostable bags must meet new requirements; no bags may be labeled as biodegradable.

Washington Ecology to Consider Additions to the Chemicals of High Concern to Children List
Changes to the reporting rules for manufacturers also will be considered.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Calls for National Tax Incentives to Reduce Food Waste
The federation said it supports a proposal being advanced by the National Zero Waste Council.

South Carolina Coastal Town Tentatively Approves Ban on Polystyrene Foam
A proposed ordinance would also ban single-use plastic bags.

Virginia General Assembly to Revisit Landfill Gas Emissions Legislation in January
If the bill is approved, gas control systems would need to be in place by July 1, 2018.

Recycling Laws International

22 October 2016:

French Senate Report Offers a Strategy for Managing Mobile Phone Waste
The report includes 27 proposals to improve phone eco-design and increase reuse and recycling.

Indian CPCB Publishes New Guidelines for E-Waste Management Rules
Guidelines include direction to producers for implementing extended producer responsibility (EPR) requirements.

UK's Defra Launches Public Consultation on Possible 2016 WEEE Compliance Fee
Two competing fee calculation methodologies are under consideration.

In Battle against Marine Plastic Waste, France Proposes Bans on Cotton Swabs and Microbeads
Public consultations were opened on both proposals.

Philippine House Resolution Calls for Action on Non-Environmentally Acceptable Packaging
The resolution focuses on disposable plastic packaging and food service ware.

South Korea Announces Proposed Ban on Plastic Microbeads
The ban would take effect next summer.

Swiss Parliament Waives Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
New agreement with retailers will allow disposable plastic bags distribution if a fee is charged consumers.

The Bulletin

19 October 2016:

Regulatory Issues:
Nebraska DEQ Forms Advisory Committee to Evaluate State Solid Waste Management Programs
Arizona Superior Court Rules Against Challenge to State Law Preventing Local Plastic Bag Ordinances

Statistics and Trends:
Catalonian Government-Industry Agreement Calls for 75% C&D Waste Recovery Rate
Quantity of Stockpiled US Scrap Tires Down Dramatically Since 1990 Says Industry Association
US PET Bottle Recycling Rate Essentially Unchanged in 2015; rPET Exports Fell
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Accepting Applications for $850,000 in Local Recycling Grants
New South Wales EPA Offers $500,000 in Illegal Dumping Prevention and Cleanup Grants
Dutch Public Works Bureau Looks to Extend Useful Life of Office Furniture as Part of Circular Economy Effort

Business Initiatives:
Ecoembes and Spanish Recycled Clothing Maker Team in Mediterrean Marine Debris Cleanup
UK Recycling Label Scheme Launches Automated Packaging Label Generator
Irish Retailers to Exchange Flower Bulbs for Waste Light Bulbs

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