State Recycling Laws Update

22 June 2015:

Illinois General Assembly Approves Bill Banning Mixing of Medical Sharps with Recyclable Material
The ban takes effect on July 1.

Maine State Legislature Approves Adjustments to Paint Stewardship Law
Implementation of the new stewardship program is expected to begin on August 1.

Sustainable Chemistry Bill Introduced in US Senate
Bill would establish a path to a national sustainable chemistry strategy and program.

Delaware House Resolution Calls for Task Force to Fight Illegal Dumping and Littering
The resolution says the state's current efforts have produced "insufficient results."

Bill to Ban Microplastic Beads Introduced in Canadian Parliament
The measure is similar in concept to two bills in the US Congress.

New York City Council Bill Would Ban Some Chemicals in Children's Products
If approved, the ordinance would take effect in six months.

New York City Council Mulls Proposal to Incentivize Recycling among Public Housing Residents
The proposal calls for arranging "financial incentives" from supporting businesses.

Another California City Bans Polystyrene Foam Products
The ban applies to food and drink containers and "non-encased polystyrene products."

Recycling Laws International

15 June 2015:

European Commission Consults on EU Waste Market Problems
The Commission is concerned that some regulations may be impeding the efficient functioning of waste markets.

ECHA Committee Calls for Restricting BPA-Containing Thermal Printing Paper
The same committee recommended restricting use of the flame retardant decaDBE.

French Government Agency Consults on Findings on Dangers of Radiofrequency Exposure to Children
The "pre-final" report comes after more than 10 years of investigation into the matter.

Bill to Create Toxic Packaging Prevention Act Introduced in Philippine Senate
Restrictions would be placed on the use of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium.

Icelandic Ministry of Environment Consults on End-of-Waste Criteria Regulation
Regulation seeks to increase materials recovery without increasing environmental harm.

Swedish EPA Endorses Special Tax on Some Products Containing Hazardous Chemicals
Proposal focuses on electronics with certain flame retardants and PVC home interior materials.

The Bulletin

10 June 2015:

Government and Regulatory:
CalRecycle to Vote Next Week on Proposed Revised CRT Glass Regulations
OECD Publishes Information to Help Standardize Safety Testing of Nanomaterials
Saskatoon Is Latest Canadian City to Consider Landfill Ban on Paper and Other Materials

Statistics and Trends:
Minnesota PCA Reports Says State Lakes and Rivers Contain Many Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Drugs
Danish EPA Report Examines How RFID Technology Could Streamline WEEE Processing
Large WEEE Take Back Requirements Ignored by Some Retailers Says French Consumer Group
Food Waste Contributes 4% of Annual German Greenhouse Gas Emissions
New South Wales EPA Offers $70,000 Grants for Food Waste Prevention Projects
Portland, Oregon Establishes Deconstruction Advisory Group

Business and Industry Initiatives:
Coca-Cola Releases 2014/2015 Sustainability Report
Plastics South Africa Publishes 2014 National Plastic Recycling Data

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