State Recycling Laws Update

8 August 2014:

California State Legislative Close to Enacting Ban on Microplastic Beads
The ban would take effect in January 2019.

New City Council Bill Calls for Stricter Regulation of Collection Bins
Department of Sanitation would be given authority to seize bins on public property.

Miami Beach Broadens Single-Stream Recycling at Multi-family Residential Buildings
Expanded ordinance will take effect on November 1, 2014.

Evanston, Illinois Approves Ban on Disposable Plastic Bags
New ordinance follows one recently adopted in Chicago.

US Biogas Roadmap Identifies Food Waste as Significant Fuel Source
Document envisions food waste being directed to aerobic digesters instead of landfills.

Austin, Texas Takes Next Step in Developing $30 Million Reuse/Recycling Hub
City council authorizes acceptance of $1 million in US development grant.

Recycling Laws International

15 August 2014:

Environmental Ministry Recommends Changes to Administration of New Zealand's Landfill Tax
Landfill disposal has not decreased since 2011, so the tax application may be broadened.

Chilean Camara Close to Approving National EPR Law
Nine product categories, including electronics, batteries, packaging and pharmaceuticals, are given priority status.

New Attempt to Ban Single-Use Bags Introduced in Philippine Senate
The new bill is an modified version of failed earlier legislation.

UK Launches Consultation on Transposing Revised EU Batteries Directive
Two types of batteries will be added to the existing banned listed.

European Commission Opens Consultation on Nanomaterials Health Risks Guidance
The guidance focuses on nanomaterials in medical devices.

The Bulletin

20 August 2014:

Government and Regulatory:
Swedish Government Takes Action on Plastic Products Containing Prohibited Additives
European Commission Launches Consultation on International Mercury Restrictions Treaty

Statistics and Trends:
Austin, Texas Launches Unwanted Materials Marketplace
Michigan Awards $2.5 Million in Scrap Tire Reuse Grants
Arkansas DEQ Accepting Applications for E-Waste Recycling Grants
Austria Glass Recycling Up 300 Tons During First Half of 2014
Tel Aviv Leads Israeli Municipalities in Waste Generation
Plastic Debris Most Common Item Found During Spanish Beach Clean Ups
German Agency Promotes 100% Recycled Paper for Upcoming School Year

Business Initiatives:
British Plastics Federation Publishes 2014 Recycling Manifesto
UK Industry Supports Higher Lamp Recycling Targets Claims Recolight

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