State Recycling Laws Update

20 February 2017:

Packaging EPR Program Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
The program would seek to achieve an overall 80% recycling rate for packaging by 2020.

Export of E-Waste Subject of Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives
The measure is a re-introduction of a bill from the 2015-2016 legislative session of Congress.

Tablet Computers Would Be Recycled by Manufacturers under an Illinois General Assembly Bill
The bill also defines "mobile telephone' under the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act.

Changes to Illinois E-Waste Law Proposed Pertaining to Retailers
The bill also authorizes end-of-life covered electronic device collection fees.

Bill to End the US Environmental Protection Agency introduced in US Congress
The agency would close at the end of next year if the bill becomes law.

New York Lawmakers Again Push for Recycling at Parks and Recreational Areas
Recycling bins would be installed to collect metal, plastic, glass and paper and other material.

Bills in Tennessee General Assembly Address Landfill Disposal of Waste
The bills concern residential waste and industrial waste separately.

Canadian Government Publishes Code of Practice for Managing Waste Mercury-Containing Lamps
The code offers 83 best practices, but is not statutory.

Illinois May Move Up Sunset Date for Automotive Mercury Switch Removal Program
Auto makers stopped using the devices years ago, and switches removals in Illinois have fallen for five consecutive years.

States Consider Changes to Scrap Metal Theft Laws
Illinois bill specifies types of stolen metal products and sets offense categories based on the value of the stolen metal.

Virginia General Assembly Approves Bill Requiring Guidelines for Unused Drug Disposal
Virginia Board of Pharmacy made responsible for developing the guidelines.

More Bills Introduced in Minnesota to Establish Collection of Unwanted Pharmaceuticals
Some bills make country sheriffs responsible for drug collection, others make pharmacies responsible.

West Virginia Is the Latest State to Consider Restricting Flame Retardants in Residential Furniture and Children's Products
Manufacturing and wholesale restrictions would take effect on July 1, 2020.

Canadian Government Publishes Draft Federal Environmental Quality Guidelines for BPA and other Chemicals
The guidelines set safe environmental concentration limits for the chemicals in water, sediment and wildlife diets.

Recycling Laws International

14 February 2017:

Australian Government Consults on Draft Plan to Clean Up Marine Debris and Minimize Generation
Among the draft plan's proposed actions are limiting lost single-use plastic material and encouraging a circular economy.

Bill to Repeal Recently Enacted Puerto Rican Plastic Bag Law Introduced in the Camara
In place of the bag ban, in-store recycling would be mandated.

European Parliament Committee Publishes New Report on Proposed Updates to WEEE and Battery Directives
Many new provisions have been added to the rapporteur's previous draft report.

Swedish EPA Survey Indicates National Waste Plan and Waste Prevention Program May Need Revision
For many Swedish waste stakeholders, the documents "have not made any major impact" on achieving more efficient waste management, the survey finds.

Senate Plenary Vote on Brazilian National Landfill Fund Expected Soon
The final review committee approved the bill in a 3-1 vote.

New Zealand and Nordic Countries Consider Bans on Microplastic Beads
Both entities cite marine pollution and dangers to the human food chain as reasons to take regulatory action.

French Senate to Debate Resolution Addressing Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
The legislation calls for focusing on cumulative EDC exposures over a lifetime.

Brazilian Camara Bill Requires Manufacturers to Wash Uniforms of Workers Using Chemicals Harmful to the Environment
Deputado says home laundering allows harmful chemicals to be released into the environment.

The Bulletin

8 February 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
French Environmental Minister Suggests Opaque PET Bottles May Need to Be Banned
Dubuque City Council Finally Votes to Draft a Single-Use Plastic Bag Ordinance

Statistics and Trends:
French E-Waste Recycling Up in 2016, Exceeding Statutory Target
Use of Recycled Content by European Paper Makers Decreased Slightly in 2016
Brazilian Packaging Takeback Programs Now Reach More Than 51% of Population
Danish EPA Produces Videos for Consumers to Improve their Packaging Recycling
South African Government Announces $4.4 Million Organic Waste-to-Energy Facility

Business Initiatives:
US Foam Recycling Coalition Announces Availability of EPS Recycling Grants
Dutch Companies Sign National Agreement to Support a Circular Economy
US Composting Council and Other Organizations Say that Organic Waste Bins Should Be Green

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