State Recycling Laws Update

18 February 2019:

Tax on Single-Use Checkout Bags Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
The tax paid by consumers would be collected indirectly by bag wholesalers and remitted to the Department of Revenue.

Negative Impact of Disposable Plastic Bags on Storm Sewers Cited as Reason for Proposed Limited Bag Bans in Texas
The bans could be adopted only by smaller municipalities that would need to meet specified criteria.

Bills in Six More State Legislatures Would Restrict Distribution of Disposable Plastic Straws
A dozen or more legislatures currently are considering restrictions.

Washington Senate Resolution Seeks China Doing More to Prevent Marine Plastic Pollution
The bipartisan resolution asks President Trump to discuss the matter with Chinese officials.

New York City Council Bill Calls for an Investigation into Alternatives to Food Service Single-Use Plastic Items
Single-use plastic items could be banned if the Commissioner of Sanitation finds practical alternatives are available.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed in West Virginia Legislature
The bill would apply a 10-cent deposit on a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in containers of one gallon or less in volume.

Utah Lawmakers Wants to Prohibit Local Governments from Enacting Auxiliary Container Ordinances
Lawmakers in South Carolina are considering a similar bill

Eight Vermont Lawmakers Cosponsor HHW Product Stewardship Bill
The proposed stewardship program would begin on January 1, 2022.

Blanket Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in New York State Legislature
The bill would require stewardship programs for all consumer goods.

Kentucky Bill Concerns Citizen Complaints against Solid Waste Facilities
The Energy and Environment Cabinet would have new responsibilities regarding recordkeeping and reporting of citizen complaints.

Proposed Change to Texas Law Would Mandate Regular Solid Waste Facilities Inspections
Facilities that violate state waste management rules would be inspected more often.

Bill Encouraging Gasification of Waste Plastics to Be Considered in Rhode Island General Assembly
The Tennessee General Assembly is considering a pair of similar bills.

Reducing Coffee Cups Waste is the Goal of New York City Council Bill
Food service establishments would be required to fill reusable beverage containers brought by customers.

Vermont May Ban PFAS in Food Packaging
With the introduction of S.101, Vermont lawmakers join lawmakers in New York and Rhode Island in efforts to ban PFAS in food packaging.

More Restrictions on Flame Retardant Chemicals Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
This is the second bill introduced in Rhode Island this year concerning the chemicals.

Disposal of Synthetic Turf Would Be Regulated under Proposed Law
Landfill disposal and incineration of the material would be prohibited.

Recycling Laws International

15 February 2019:

South Australian Government Launches Public Consultation on Container Deposit Scheme and Single-Use Plastics
The South Australia container deposit was launched in 1977, the first in the country.

Irish Environmental Minister Announces Study of Possible Container Deposit and Return Scheme
The Minister wants a plan to recover 90% of disposable plastic drink bottles introduced into the market by 2029.

Bill to Ban PET Food and Drink Containers Introduced in Brazilian Camara Dos Deputados
PET packaging producers would have six years to comply with the law if it is approved.

European Chemicals Agency Considers Restricting Microplastic Particles in Broad Range of Products
The agency says the material is very persistent in the environment and cannot be practically removed once released.

Blanket Ban on All Waste Imports Proposed in Philippine Senate
The proposed Philippine ban follows waste import restrictions in China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Bill Introduced in Philippine Senate Would Create a National E-Waste Recycling Program
An advance recycling fee would be added to sales of covered devices.

Mandating Consumer Information on End-of-Life Electronics Proposed in Chilean Senate
The measure would amend the country's existing extended producer responsibility law.

UK Parliament Committee Says the UK Textile Industry is "Environmentally Unsustainable"
A review of some leading clothing retailers found use of recycled materials in the products they sell is limited.

The Bulletin

13 February 2019:

Regulatory Developments:
French Environmental Minister Reminds Fast Food Chains about Waste Sorting Obligations
First Local Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Approved in State of Wyoming
DSNY to Begin Enforcing Expanded Commercial Food Waste Separation Law

Statistics and Trends:
California Exported 14.6 Million Tons of Recyclable Materials in 2017
UK Household Waste Recycling Rate Up Slightly in 2017
Ontario Electronic Stewardship Ends Consumer Environmental Handling Fee
Danish Environmental Ministry Report Compares Effectiveness of 11 Household Waste Recycling Schemes
Canadians Set New Household Batteries Recycling Record in 2018

Business Initiatives:
UK Paper Industry Association Publishes New Guidelines for Recycling Paper Packaging
The Recycling Partnership Helps Launch Program to Harmonize Measurements in Municipal Material Management

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