State Recycling Laws Update

8 February 2016:

Idaho House Approves Bill to Prohibit Local Plastic Bag Restrictions
The bill is now being reviewed in the Senate.

Phase-Out of Non-compostable Plastic Bags Proposed in New Jersey
Phase-out would be completed by the end of 2018.

South Carolina Legislature Gets Bill to Prohibit Local Ordinances Restricting Auxiliary Containers Use
Two other states are considering nearly identical bills.

Group of West Virginia Senators Want to Repeal Landfill Disposal Ban on E-Waste
Earlier bills to repeal the ban have been unsuccessful.

New York Senate Bill Calls for State to Reimburse Some E-Waste Management Costs
Recycling facilities and counties would be paid for management costs not covered by covered device manufacturers.

West Virginia Bill Would Remove TVs as a Covered Device under State E-Waste Law
Only computers and video display devices would remain as covered devices.

Paint Stewardship Program Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
If approved, waste paint collection and processing would begin by October 1, 2017.

Bill to Establish Battery Stewardship and Commercial Food Waste Composting Introduced in Maine Legislature
The target date to recycle and compost 50% of Maine's municipal solid waste would be pushed forward to 2021.

Tennessee General Assembly Considers Measures to Begin Managing Organic Waste
Companion House and Senate bills would direct the Department of Environment and Conservation to develop "planning models."

Hawaii Is the Latest State to Consider Banning Commercial Organic Waste from Landfills and Incinerators
The proposed ban would apply to businesses that generate at least a ton of organic waste per week.

Several Biogas and Biomass Bills Being Considered in Missouri and Virginia General Assemblies
Two bills would provide economic subsidies while the other would designate efficient biomass as a renewable energy source.

Hawaii Lawmakers Seek to Fund Revision of Solid Waste Management Plan
The plan was last updated in July 2000.

Vermont Bill Would Require Pharmacies to Collect Unused Prescription Drugs
The Vermont Board of Pharmacy would adopt the rules necessary to run the program.

Bills to Update Scrap Metal Sales Laws Introduced in Two States
One bill would extend a metals theft task force; the other bill would impose a new registration fee.

Recycling Laws International

29 January 2015:

Bill Introduced in the Philippine Senate Would Fund E-Waste Recycling Research and Demonstration Projects
However, no funding level is specified in the measure.

Swedish Chemicals Agency Proposes Ban on Plastic Microbeads in Cosmetic Products
The proposed ban would take effect on January 1, 2018.

New Scottish Regulation Seeks to Reduce Illegal Waste Tire Dumping and Facilitate Tire Material Recycling/Recovery
Certain exemptions on waste tire storage limits would be eliminated.

Danish Government-Organized Panel Issues Recommendations for Food Waste Recycling
Greater development of biodegradable products such as bioplastic food packaging is one of the recommendations.

European Parliament Environment Committee Offers Amendments to Energy Efficiency Labeling Proposal
Many of the amendments concern the energy classes displayed on the label, label rescaling, and database information exchange.

Lithuania Launches Public Information Campaign about Upcoming Container Deposit Scheme
The CDS takes effect on February 1.

The Bulletin

10 February 2016:

Regulatory Issues:
Government of Hong Kong Creates Steering Group to Help Shape Public Places Recycling
Swedish Chemicals Agency Finds Hazardous Chemicals in Some Clothing and Shoes

Statistics and Trends:
French Government Allocates 15 Million Euros to Support Plastics Recycling
Government of Victoria Announces $300,000 in Funding for Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion
French WEEE Compliance Organization Set Collection Record in 2015
Canadian Carton Recycling Rose to 52% in 2015
First Local Government Signs Scottish Recycling Charter

Business and Industry Initiatives:
EU Trade Associations Help Launch Effort to Boost Separate Paper Collection
SodaStream Submits Stewardship Plan for Recovering CO2 Containers
INCPEN Publishes Guide on Reducing Residual Waste in Packaged Products
US Plastics Industry Association Launches Waste Reduction Program for Members

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