State Recycling Laws Update

20 June 2016:

Minnesota Enacts Revisions to E-Waste Law
A number of the provisions apply to video display devices and take effect on July 1.

Ontario Legislative Assembly Approves Waste-Free Ontario Act
The legislation underpins a new provincial strategy to develop a circular economy.

Massachusetts Senate Approves Ban on Single-Use Carryout Bags
The proposed ban was worked into the 2017 state budget bill.

Recycling Study Bill Introduced in Rhode Island House of Representatives
Changes to current programs and identification of problematic waste streams are among the subjects to be studied.

Bill Introduced in Rhode Island Would Expand Food Waste Recycling Requirement at Educational Institutions
Smaller waste generators would be added to an existing recycling mandate.

Canadian Parliament to Consider Nanomaterials Registration and Safety Assessment Legislation
Nanomaterials found to be toxic could be banned from manufacture and importation.

Honolulu City Council Approves Funding for Glass Container Recycling Program
The subsidy will help divert non-deposit glass containers from landfill.

Recycling Laws International

28 June 2016:

European Council Issues Opinion on EU Circular Economy Action Plan
Extending product durability and enhancing green public procurement guidelines were among 27 points made by the Council.

Ireland Delays July Launch of Planned Pay by Weight Waste Charging Plan
Instead, a 12-month "transition period" will be implemented.

Czech Government Decides to Place Fee on Single-Use Plastic Bags
Retailers expected to begin charging bag fees in January 2018.

Hong Kong to Tighten Commercial Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Requirements
All restaurants, food factories, canteens and other food preparation businesses will be required to use only licensed waste oil collectors.

German Institute for Risk Assessment Concerned about Food Contamination by Microplastics
The European Food Safety Authority calls for standardized test methods to identify the presence of possible pollutants.

The Bulletin

22 June 2016:

Regulatory Issues:
California OEHHA Adopts Maximum Daily Level for BPA Dermal Exposure
French Environmental Minister Calls for Tougher Draft Regulations on Endocrine Disrupters
US Firms Helped Send Illegal E-Waste to China According to Watchdog Group
Swedish Chemicals Agency Drafting Nanomaterials Registry Regulations

Statistics and Trends:
European Environment Agency Publishes Reports on Member State Circular Economy Efforts
Dutch EEE Compliance Organization Claims 97% Recycling and Recovery Rate
Irish Organic Waste Recycling Up 11% over Two-Year Period
Study Finds One-Third of Welsh Municipal Solid Waste Is Organic
Norway Reports Slight Household Waste Generation Reduction in 2015
French Compliance Organization Collected 8,465 Tons of Waste Batteries in 2015

Business Initiatives:
US Plastic Film Industry Group Partners with Connecticut on Recycling Program

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