State Recycling Laws Update

23 January 2015:

Statewide Plastic Bag Bans Proposed for Rhode Island and Washington
The Washington bill would allow Seattle's bag ordinance to continue through 2020.

Hawaiian Bill Would Require County Government Agencies to Recycle Beverage Containers
The containers have redemption value under the state's container deposit scheme.

Mississippi Bill Would Require Electronics Recycling Plans by State Agencies
Surplus electronics could be sold to support a new recycling fund or donated to public schools.

Arizona Could Increase Multi-family Residential Recycling
Thirty-nine Arizona municipalities currently have local recycling programs focused mainly on single-family residences.

Rhode Island Central Landfill Subject of Several Legislative Proposals
Disposal ban on some waste and increases in tip fees are among the proposals.

Mercury-Containing Lamp Stewardship Bills Introduced in New York State Legislature
If the bills are approved, stewardship programs would need to be underway by December 1, 2017.

Tire Stewardship Scheme Proposed in Vermont General Assembly
Participants would need to register with the Department of Natural Resources by October 1.

Nebraska Legislature May Fund Statewide Prescription Drug Collection Project
The project would span two years, then be evaluated.

Washington State Bill Would Ban the Use of Some Priority Chemicals
Manufacturers would be required to conduct alternative assessments of targeted chemicals.

Florida Senate to Consider Chemicals of High Concern in Consumer Products
The Department of Health would compile and maintain a list.

More State Legislatures Jump on the Ban Microplastic Beads Bandwagon
With the addition of Washington and Arizona, eight states now have bills to ban the material.

Recycling Laws International

28 January 2015:

Australian Government Report Indicates National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme Is Exceeding Expectations
However, 10 possible changes to the scheme are included in the report.

Sao Paolo Plastic Bag Ordinance Takes Effect on February 5
Only sugar cane-based bioplastic bags will be permitted.

European Food Safety Authority Says No Apparent Health Risk from Current BPA Daily Intake Level
ESFA panel publishes long-awaiting report.

Philippine Senate Bill Would Restrict Heavy Metals Levels in Packaging
Packaging producers would also need to provide certificates of compliance to purchasers.

Swedish Government Approves Toxic-Free Living Action Plan
Plan seeks to reduce hazardous chemicals risks and phase out and restrict the most dangerous chemicals.

The Bulletin

28 January 2014:

Government and Regulatory:
Amended UK Battery Regulations Expected to Take Effect on July 1
South Korean Environmental Ministry Plans Crack Down on Excessive Packaging
Denmark Joins in Lawsuit against European Commission over EDC Regulation Delay
Vail, Colorado Drafting Plastic Bag Ordinance

Statistics and Trends:
Danish EPA to Provide 5 Million Kroner for Municipal Recycling Projects
Alameda County, California Offers Payments for Waste Mattresses
Toronto Proposes Raising Residential Waste Collection Fees by 3% in April
Arizona Becomes First US State to Join R2 Electronics Recycling Certification Program

Business and Industry Initiatives:
Eco-Emballages and Adelphe Seek Proposals to Improve French Plastic Packaging Recycling
British Plastics Federation Criticizes Government for Supporting Biodegradable Plastic Bags
DSD Unveils Updated Green Dot Logo

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