State Recycling Laws Update

30 March 2015:

US Senate Bill Would Require Warning Labels on Food Packaging Containing Bisphenol A
Department of HHS would also issue a revised safety standard assessment for the chemical.

Sacramento Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
Ordinance will also require fees for recycled paper and reusable bags.

Prince George's County, Maryland May Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging.
The proposed ban would also apply to polystyrene loose fill packaging.

Bill to Repeal Vermont Food Waste Separation Law Introduced in House of Representatives
The bill also addresses solid waste management financing and other issues.

Household Battery Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Connecticut
Stewardship plans would need to be submitted to DEEP by February 1, 2016.

Connecticut Lawmakers to Consider Beneficial Uses of Scrap Tires
Departmental study could lead to a stewardship scheme.

North Carolina Bill Would Permit Open Air Burning of Some Agricultural Plastics
Bill would amend current law to allow burning without a permit.

Bills to Reform the Toxic Substances Control Act Published
Competing bills present pro-industry and pro-environmental groups points of view.

US EPA Proposes Collection of Manufacturer Information on Nanoscale Materials
Ninety-day public comment period to open on proposed rule.

Maine Approves Ban on Microplastic Beads
New law begins with a ban on the manufacture of personal care products beginning on January 1, 2018.

Province of Ontario May Ban Microplastic Beads
A bill was introduced in legislative assembly this month.

Bill Introduced in Connecticut Legislature to Ban Microplastic Beads
Ban would take effect on the first day of next year.

Massachusetts Bill Would Create "The Safer Cleaning Products Act"
The Commissioner of Health would create a Safer Cleaning Products List.

Recycling Laws International

19 March 2015:

Electronics EPR Bill Introduced in Hong Kong Legislative Council
General responsibilities of producers, retailers and e-waste collectors outlined.

Danish Ministry of Environment Publishes New Waste Prevention Strategy Draft
The draft strategy focuses on food, construction, textiles, electronics and packaging.

Dutch Ministry of Environment and Waste Industry Associations Sign Waste Recovery Agreement
The Ministry also launched a website to help local governments increase household waste recycling.

European Parliament Committee Releases New Draft Recommendations on EU Plastic Bag Regulations
Member States could implement either a fee or tax or achieve per capita bag consumption limits.

Portuguese Plastic Bag Tax Takes Effect
Ministry of Environment publishes FAQ document to help businesses better understand the new law.

French Government Agency Concerned about Migration of Chemicals in Heated PP Food Packaging
Recommendations made to consumers on how to minimize chemical migration risks.

The Bulletin

1 April 2015:

Government and Regulatory:
Nordic Council of Ministers Calls for Prompt Action on EU EDCs Regulation
Oregon Fines Plastic Waste-to-Crude Oil Producer for Hazardous Waste Violations

Statistics and Trends:
Balkan Countries Led EU in Single-Use Plastic Bag Consumption
French Paper Recycling Rate Increased to 52% in 2014
New York City Expands Voluntary Household Organic Waste Separation Program
Northeastern US States Support EPA National Food Waste Prevention Effort
Michigan State University Study Questions Effectiveness of Biodegradable Plastics
81% of French Surveyed Said Waste Sorting Is An Important Civic Responsibility

Business and Industry Initiatives:
Dutch WEEE Recycler Adds 2,500th Collection Point in National Network
Aluminum Producer Rolls Out New 100% Recycled Content Line
Brazilian EPS Recycling Program Highlights 30% Packaging Recycling Rate
British Plastics Federation Warns of Supply Shortages

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