State Recycling Laws Update

20 March 2017:

Oregon Lawmakers Want to Know If Enough Beverage Container Redemption Centers Exist in the State
Their bill would prohibit expanding the types of containers covered or raising the refund value if there are not enough.

Repeal of North Carolina Regional Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Proposed in House Bill
The sponsors argue plastic bag reuse and recycling are in the best interest of citizens.

Texas Representative Introduces Bill to "Clarify" State Law Regarding Single-Use Plastic Bags
The measure follows efforts by the Texas Attorney General challenging existing local plastic bag ordinances.

Maine Marine Debris Proposal Targets a Different Type of Packaging
Ownership or discard of the packaging while on water would result in a fine.

Washington Senate Approves Changes to Mercury-Containing Lamps Stewardship Program
The bill is currently in review in the House.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes Tax Credit to Encourage Mattress Recycling
The credit would apply in 2017 and go forward.

Oregon House Measure Would Help Delay End-of-Life for Large Household Appliances
Tax credits would be given for appliance repairs costs.

Recycling Facilities Financial Assurance Proposed in Texas House
The assurance requirement would take effect on September 1, 2017.

Hawaii Senate Resolution Calls for Use of Autonomous Vessels to Clean Up Marine Debris
The Department of Land and Natural Resources is requested to support a particular development project.

Bills in Pennsylvania and Florida Would Reclassify Various Waste Materials as Usable Commodities
Materials range from steel slag to organic waste.

Composting Facilities Protection Bill Approved by Washington Senate
The bill was approved unanimously then sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Florida Bills Call for Converting Waste Plastics to Fuels and Chemicals Using Pyrolysis
The waste plastics would be designated recoverable materials under current state law.

Minnesota Bills Would Allow Compost and Organic Waste Management at Solid Waste Industrial Landfills
Organic waste or digestate also could be stored in lined cells and later removed for composting.

Maryland Senate Approves Bill Requiring Environmental Labeling for Nonwoven Disposable Wipes
The bill was sent to the House for consideration.

Companion Bills in Minnesota State Legislature Place Restrictions on Nonwoven Personal Care Products
The bills are very similar to ones introduced in the Maryland General Assembly.

Recycling Laws International

28 February 2017:

Poland Adopts Mandatory Household Waste Separation Law
Polish municipalities will have five years to transition to a four colored bin scheme.

Spanish Government Issues Royal Decree to Require Fees on Plastic Carrier Bags
The fee amounts will vary based on the type of plastic and thickness.

Food Recycling Law Revised Standards and New Guidelines for Food Related Businesses
The guidelines seek to promote recycling of waste food while preventing illegal resale.

Food Waste Prevention Bill Introduced in Brazilian Camara
The priority for managing uneaten food would be human consumption, then animal consumption, then composting.

European Chemicals Agency Says Recycled Rubber Turf Is Not a Significant Health Risk
An evaluation was conducted at the request of the European Commission.

Norwegian Environment Agency Seeks Projects to Combat Marine Litter
Thirty-five million kroner in grant funding is available this year.

The Bulletin

22 March 2017:

Regulatory Developments:
Pennsylvania DEP Denies Variance for CRT Glass Recycler
Irish Government Launches Charter to Reduce Food Waste by 50% by 2030
Swedish EPA Supports Ban on Microplastic Beads in Cosmetic Products

Statistics and Trends:
Spanish Glass Bottle Recycling Up 4% in 2016
Indiana DEM Makes $1 Million Available in Recycling Market Development Grants
First Fully Automated Waste Sorting Center Opens in Denmark
Mexico and Chile to Cooperate on Mutual Community Waste Management Projects
Portland, Oregon Launches Training Program for Salvaging Materials from Deconstruction Projects
French Environmental Ministry Awards Funding to 12 Energy-from-Biomass Project Proposals

Business Initiatives:
Industry Group Seeks MRF to Partner on Flexible Plastic Packaging Recycling Pilot

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