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April 2018:

Australian Government Launches Review of Product Stewardship Act 2011
The public consultation will include the current National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

European Parliament Approves European Union Circular Economy Legislative Package
The final step before the measure becomes law is approval by the Council of Ministers.

Environmental Ministry Releases Statistical Report on 2015 Danish Packaging Recycling
The recovery levels of the five most common packaging materials exceeded European Union targets.

Brazilian Senado Committee Approves Bill Requiring Ready-To-Eat Food Packaging and Utensils Contain Biodegradable Materials
The minimum percentage of biodegradable material in the packaging would be phased in over eight years.

Deputado in Brazilian Camara Proposes New Recycling Labels for Products and Packaging
Labeling requirements would be developed by the Associacao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas.

Bill Introduced in New South Wales Parliament Would Restrict Development of Energy Recovery from Waste
A new advisory committee to the Minister of Environment would recommend when moratoriums could be lifted.

UK Government Plans to Ban Sale of Plastic Straws and Some other Plastic Disposable Items
A public consultation on the proposed ban is planned for later this year.

Swedish Chemicals Agency Wants to Restrict Microplastics in More Products
The agency said it will advocate for the restrictions at the European Union level.

European Chemicals Agency Considering New Microplastics Restrictions
A call for evidence was launched to gather stakeholder input.

UK Government Releases Working Group Report in Support of a Container Deposit Return Scheme
The report also suggests the deposit return scheme be managed alongside a reformed packaging waste producer responsibility system.

Requested Report on the Future of French Extended Producer Responsibility Delivered to Ministry of Ecology
The report contains 38 proposals including establishing EPR for five new product sectors.

Brazilian Camara Bill Would Establish Seal for Environmentally Friendly Companies
The proposed seal would be awarded for two year periods by Sisnama.

Kenyan Government and Producers Agree to PET Bottle Buy Back Scheme
The scheme will be modeled after one being implemented successfully in South Africa.

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