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State Recycling Laws Update

March 2018:

Baltimore City Council Bans Polystyrene Disposable Foam Food Service Ware
The new law takes effect in 90 days.

Providence City Council Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags
The ordinance will take effect in one year.

Oklahoma Senate Approves Bill to Prohibit Local "Auxiliary Container" Ordinances
The House of Representatives is reviewing the proposal.

Minnesota Becomes Latest State to Consider Legislation Preventing Local "Auxiliary Container" Ordinances
If approved, the law would take immediate effect.

Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Bill to Set Minimum Recycled Content Level for Plastic Beverage Containers
The bill authorizes the Connecticut Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection to adopt needed regulations.

New Hawaii House Resolution Calls for Study of Plastic Caps Recycling
Study findings would be submitted to the state legislature prior to its 2019 session.

Bill to Require Glass Container Recycling Introduced in Pennsylvania General Assembly
The bill would amend the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act.

Beverage Container Deposit Handling Fee Increase Proposed in Connecticut General Assembly
The proposed handling fee also would be standardized for all covered beverages.

New York City Proposal Would Require Food Waste Separation by Targeted Food Businesses to Help Reduce the City's Rat Population
The bill is the latest in a series of waste-related proposals to help control rodents.

Honolulu City Council Seeks to Develop On-Island Recycling Facilities
The facilities would be constructed, owned, and operated by private entities.

Hawaii Senate Approves Used Motor Oil Recycling Bill
The bill is being considered in the House of Representatives.

California Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Flame Retardants in Bedding, Juvenile Products and Upholstered Furniture
The ban would apply to all flame retardants instead of specific substances.

California Bill Could Strengthen Legislature's Role in Addressing Hazardous Substances in Consumer Products
The bill calls for a new process for lawmakers to make requests to investigate such hazardous substances.

New Bills Addressing Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in the New York State Legislature
Companion bills were introduced in the Senate and Assembly.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Covered beverages would include alcoholic beverages, soda or noncarbonated water, and all nonalcoholic carbonated or noncarbonated drinks.

Hawaii Senate Approves Bill to Set Beverage Container Recycling Rate Target and Possibly Double the Deposit Amount
The bill was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Virginia General Assembly Approves Bill Promoting Beneficial Use of Recovered Material
Recycling centers and some other facilities now will be regarded as manufacturers for the purpose of receiving state and local economic development grants.

Rhode Island House Proposal Would Ban C&D and Organic Waste as Landfill Cover Materials
Prohibition would take immediate effect if the bill is approved.

Hawaii House of Representatives Approves Plastic Pollution Initiative Bill
The bill now will go to the Senate for consideration.

New York City Council Members Propose Legislation to Get Tougher on Illegal Dumping
One measure would authorize the Department of Sanitation to examine illegally dumped material to try to identify who dumped waste.

Two Bills Concerning Waste Tire Fees Were Introduced in the Louisiana State Legislature
Both bills would prevent waste tire generators, transporters or processors from imposing their own fees.

Minnesota Lawmakers Propose Product Stewardship of Solar Photovolatiac Modules
The bill also prohibits including end-of-life photovoltaic modules in municipal solid waste.

Recycling of Marijuana Waste Subject of a Bill in Colorado General Assembly
The waste would become available to make industrial fiber products.

Measure to Address Pollution from Plastic Microfibers Introduced in Second State Legislature
Warning labels would be affixed to garments that are 50% or more polyester in composition.

Two Bills Raised in Connecticut General Assembly Address Flame Retardants in Some Consumer Products
One proposal would establish a ban while the other would require a product labeling requirement.

Utah Senate Approves Bill Prohibiting Local Auxiliary Container Ordinances
The bill was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Repeal of Auxiliary Container Ordinances Law Proposed in Wisconsin State Legislature
Wisconsin is the fourth state this year with a similar repeal bill.

Baltimore City Council Close to Banning Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware
A final vote on the proposed ordinance is scheduled for later this month.

Honolulu City Council Resolution Calls for Study of Single-Use Food Containers and Plastic Bags
Two issues to be examined are the effects of a possible ban on the packaging and local waste-to-energy recovery.

Composting and Recycling by Schools is the Subject of a Bill in Rhode Island
School organic waste would need to be recycled, composted or anaerobically digested by authorized facilities.

Ontario Assembly Bill Would Require Landfill Site Approval by Local Jurisdictions Prior to Development
The provincial government could not proceed without prior municipal government or Indian council of the band approval.

Bill Supporting Reuse of Unwanted Consumer Products Introduced in California State Legislature
Reverse logistics centers would receive surplus household consumer products to determine if they can be reused or recycled or truly are waste.

New York City Proposal Would Make Textiles an Official Recyclable Material
However, the curbside collection schedule would be different from that of other recyclable material.

California State Assembly Bill Would Authorize Incineration of Home-Generated Medical Sharps by Solid Waste Facilities
CalRecycle, in collaboration with other state government entities, would adopt new regulations.

Washington State Legislature Approves Ban on PFAS in Packaging
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2020 if safer alternatives to PFAS are deemed to be available.

Proposal to Ban PFAS in Food Packaging Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
Rhode Island is the second state with a bill requiring a ban.

Draft Bill in Connecticut General Assembly Concerns Reducing Microfiber Pollution from Clothing
The bill calls for creating an industry working group to develop a consumer awareness and education program.

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