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State Recycling Laws Update

April 2018:

Wisconsin and Georgia Legislatures Approve Bills Supporting Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics
The two states join Florida, which enacted the first such legislation last year.

Long Beach Is Latest California Municipality to Ban Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Packaging
The same new ordinance will ban the sale of polystyrene craft beads and coolers late next year.

Recycle British Columbia Opens Consultation on Revised Draft Packaging and Paper EPR Plan
Recovery targets for specific materials are planned for 2020.

Arizona State Legislature Approves Bill Addressing Disposal of Consumer Medical Sharps and Drugs
The measure will establish a public-private partnership overseen by the Department of Health.

Michigan Senator Proposes Changes to Law Addressing Landfill Tip Fees and How They Are Used
The bill would replace the Solid Waste Management Fund with a successor having new expenditure directions.

Vermont House Approves Bill Requiring Registration of Household Hazardous Waste Products
The bill is now being considered in the Senate.

Repeal of Ban on Waste Glass as Landfill Cover Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Other specified types of waste would remained banned for cover use.

New York City Government Study Finds Waste Generation Down But Recyclable Materials Still Being Disposed
E-waste disposal also down because of a recently approved statewide disposal ban.

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