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State Recycling Laws Update

June 2018:

New York Supreme Court Upholds NYC Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Packaging and Loose Fill Packaging
The ban will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland Approves Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
The county is the fourth major Maryland local jurisdiction to prohibit the packaging.

Establishing a Product Stewardship Program for Waste Pharmaceuticals Recommended in New York Government Report
The proposed program would cover prescription and nonprescription drugs.

CalRecycle Proposes Broad Expansion of Devices Covered by the Electronic Waste Recycling Act
Producers might be required to improve the durability, repairability, and recyclability of their products; and meet new labeling and reporting requirements.

Bill Introduced in Philadelphia City Council Seeks to Address the City's Waste Tire Problem
The municipal measure follows the likely failure of a related measure in the Philadelphia General Assembly.

New York DEC Finalizes Policy on Household Cleansing Product Information Disclosure
Product manufacturers will need to publish some of the required information on their websites by July 1, 2019.

Resolution Calling for Legislation to Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution Approved by California Assembly
The resolution is now in the Senate.

Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly Approves Act Phasing In a Ban on Plastic Bags
Corporations that violate the Act would be fined up to $10,000.

Vancouver City Council Approves Measure Banning Plastic Straws and Polystyrene Foam Carryout Food Containers
The bans are part of a larger single-use reduction strategy approved by the city council.

Ban on Plastic Straws and Beverage Stirrers Proposed in New York State Legislature
Violations could produce fines after a 12-month outreach and education period.

Bill Introduced in New Jersey Legislation Would Phase-Out Use of Non-Compostable Plastic Bags
Retailers also would submit reports to the state on their efforts to reduce non-compostable plastic bag distribution

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Are Considering Ordinance to Ban Plastic Straws and other Food Service Ware Accessories
The bill also authorizes minimum recycled content requirements for food service ware.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Approves Resolution Calling for National Strategy on Marine Litter
Among the seven elements in the proposed strategy are reducing plastic packaging and setting targets to reduce plastic waste in the ocean.

Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Issues Request for Proposals to Manage the City's Future Solid Waste
The city generates about 3,500 tons of residual solid waste per day.

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