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State Recycling Laws Update

May 2019:

Illinois General Assembly Approves Law Prohibiting Mixing of Rechargeable Batteries in Recyclable Waste
The bill was approved as a safety measure because of the risk of fire and explosions associated with lithium batteries.

New York State Senator Calls for Study on Alternative Municipal Uses for Recycled Glass
The study would be conducted by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Omaha, Nebraska City Council Approves Ordinance to Ban Single-Use Plastic Carryout Bags
The mayor says she will veto the measure.

Wisconsin Is the Latest State to Consider a Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging
Retailer food business operators could receive financial penalties of up to $250 for violating the law.

Proposal to Ban Disposable Food Service Containers and Plastic Drink Stirrers Introduced in Rhode Island General Assembly
The ban on disposable food service containers would include containers used for raw meats and eggs.

Ohio Legislature to Consider Bill to Prevent Local Ordinances that Tax or Impose fees on Auxiliary Containers
More than a half dozen states have approved similar bills in the past few years.

New Jersey Senate Adds Companion to Bill that Would Establish Recycling in State Government Facilities
If approved, the law would take effect immediately.

Maine Governor Signs Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Ware into Law
The same new law bans plastic beverage stirrers.

Creation of Plastic Source Reduction Working Group Approved by Hawaii State Legislature
The approved bill was sent to Governor David Ige to sign into law.

Texas Legislature Approves Bill to Promote Recyclable Materials as Manufacturing Feedstock
The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality will prepare a plan for doing so.

Bill to Create a Statewide Materials Management Advisory Committee Passed in Illinois House of Representatives
Among other responsibilities, the advisory committee would prepare a report with recommendations to the General Assembly for increasing waste diversion.

Waste and Recycling Strategies and Actions Included in 2019 Baltimore Sustainability Plan
Increased recycling, more product reuse and developing a "Save As You Throw" plan are among nine actions called for in the plan.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Propose Amending State Littering Law
Fines would increase, and some of the collected fines would be used for roadside anti-littering signs.

Bill Introduced in Boston City Council Would Establish Product Stewardship of Home-Generated Medical Sharps
Sharps manufacturers would submit stewardship plans to the Boston Department of Health and Hospitals.

Study of Extended Producer Responsibility for Smoke Detectors Approved by Connecticut Senate
The House of Representatives is considering the bill.

Bill Introduced in New York Assembly Would Exempt Some Beverage Dealers from Having to Redeem Container Deposits
The container deposit amount is five cents.

Missouri House of Representatives Approves Extending Fee Used for Scrap Tire Management
The fee will expire next January 1 unless extended.

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