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State Recycling Laws Update

March 2017:

Oregon Lawmakers Want to Know If Enough Beverage Container Redemption Centers Exist in the State
Their bill would prohibit expanding the types of containers covered or raising the refund value if there are not enough.

Repeal of North Carolina Regional Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Proposed in House Bill
The sponsors argue plastic bag reuse and recycling are in the best interest of citizens.

Texas Representative Introduces Bill to "Clarify" State Law Regarding Single-Use Plastic Bags
The measure follows efforts by the Texas Attorney General challenging existing local plastic bag ordinances.

Maine Marine Debris Proposal Targets a Different Type of Packaging
Ownership or discard of the packaging while on water would result in a fine.

Washington Senate Approves Changes to Mercury-Containing Lamps Stewardship Program
The bill is currently in review in the House.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes Tax Credit to Encourage Mattress Recycling
The credit would apply in 2017 and go forward.

Oregon House Measure Would Help Delay End-of-Life for Large Household Appliances
Tax credits would be given for appliance repairs costs.

Recycling Facilities Financial Assurance Proposed in Texas House
The assurance requirement would take effect on September 1, 2017.

Hawaii Senate Resolution Calls for Use of Autonomous Vessels to Clean Up Marine Debris
The Department of Land and Natural Resources is requested to support a particular development project.

Bills in Pennsylvania and Florida Would Reclassify Various Waste Materials as Usable Commodities
Materials range from steel slag to organic waste.

Composting Facilities Protection Bill Approved by Washington Senate
The bill was approved unanimously then sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Florida Bills Call for Converting Waste Plastics to Fuels and Chemicals Using Pyrolysis
The waste plastics would be designated recoverable materials under current state law.

Minnesota Bills Would Allow Compost and Organic Waste Management at Solid Waste Industrial Landfills
Organic waste or digestate also could be stored in lined cells and later removed for composting.

Maryland Senate Approves Bill Requiring Environmental Labeling for Nonwoven Disposable Wipes
The bill was sent to the House for consideration.

Companion Bills in Minnesota State Legislature Place Restrictions on Nonwoven Personal Care Products
The bills are very similar to ones introduced in the Maryland General Assembly.

Bill to Study Current Electronics Recycling Program in North Carolina Introduced in House
A report would be delivered to the General Assembly at the start of next year's legislative session.

Product Stewardship of Tobacco Products Outlined in Bill in Maine House of Representatives
The bill is similar to those introduced in New York to establish a cigarette butt recycling program.

Study of Product Stewardship in Other States Proposed in Oregon State Legislature
The Department of Environmental Quality would complete the study next year.

Tax Incentives for Waste Diversion Proposed in Both Minnesota Legislative Chambers
The incentives would apply to waste processing and waste-to-energy facilities.

Moratorium on Solid Waste Facility Permits Proposed in Texas Legislature
The moratorium would start this September and last two years.

Texas Lawmaker Seeks Study of Marine Debris
A report on the study would be sent to the state government by January 1, 2020.

Increase in Pennsylvania Waste Tipping Fees Proposed to Fund Support for People with Autism
A similar bill was introduced two years ago but failed to be approved.

State Lawmaker Wants Philadelphia To Expand Its Scrap Tire Collection Program
A resolution urges city officials to make scrap tire collection a year-long program

Subdivided Closures of C&D Landfills Subject of Illinois General Assembly Bills
The Illinois EPA would draft rules for approval by the Illinois Pollution Control Board.

Study of Brownfields Programs in Other States Proposed in Oregon State Legislature
The Department of Environmental Quality would complete the study next year.

North Carolina Bill Calls for Study of State Solid Waste Disposal Tax
The bill concerns use of the tax funding by the Department of Environmental Quality.

Missouri Lawmakers Seek to Extend Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Fee
The fee is scheduled to expire at the end of next year.

Bills to Ban BPA and Formaldehyde in Certain Children's Products Introduced in Rhode Island
The proposed bans would take effect on January 1, 2018.

Oregon Lawmakers Propose Amending Reporting Requirements and Fees Associated with Hazardous Substances Manufacturing
Annual hazardous substances materials balance sheets would need to be submitted to the state.

New York City May Designate Polystyrene Foam a Recyclable Material
Proposed city council legislation also repeals an ordinance banning the material in food service packaging and some other applications.

California Lawmakers Seek to Restrict Disposable Food Service Packaging Statewide
Separate bills call for a ban and a study, and a third bill states additional legislation will be drafted.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
Beverage labels would be registerd with the Department of Health, which would administer the deposit scheme.

Tire Product Stewardship Bill Introduced in Connecticut General Assembly
Tire producers would need to join a stewardship organization by July 1, 2018.

Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Changes to Connecticut's Paint Stewardship Program
One change calls for the state to develop a recycled paint retail sales program.

Maryland General Assembly Close to Approving Organic Waste Study Legislation
Companion bills were unanimously approved by their originating chambers.

Food Scrap Collection and Composting Subject of Illinois House Bill
County solid waste management plans could begin to include such activities.

Renewable Chemical Production Income Tax Credit Proposed in Illinois General Assembly
A bill would make $25 million in tax credits available each calendar year.

Legislative Commission to Study Multi-Residential Recycling Proposed in Rhode Island General Assembly
A report of findings would be submitted to the General Assembly by February 6, 2018.

Some Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want to Increase Littering Fines
However, two bills would impose different fine increases.

Changes to Scrap Metal Theft Laws Proposed in Texas and New Mexico
The New Mexico bill tightens registration and other scrap metal dealer requirements.

Collection of Used Consumer Medical Sharps Is Part of Pennsylvania House Bill
Collection sites and mail-back containers are collection options.

Bills to Study PFAS Levels in Drinking Water Introduced in New York State and US Congress
The US EPA says the chemicals are persistent in the environment, bioaccumulative in wildlife and humans, and found to be toxic in laboratory animals.

Environmental Problems with Disposable Personal Care Wipes Subject of Companion Bills in Minnesota
The products would need to meet specified federal government or industry standards and be accurately labeled.

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