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State Recycling Laws Update

January 2017:

Indiana Senator Calls for Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Packaging and Printed Paper
The senate bill would set a 50% packaging and printed paper recycling target for 2023.

Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Packaging and other Products Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
The proposed ban would follow one already in effect in the state's largest county.

Vermont Representatives Join Effort to Expand State Container Deposit Scheme
They also want to direct unredeemed deposits to a new state fund.

Bills Introduced in New Hampshire and New York Address Local Plastic Bag Ordinances
One bill would authorize local ordinances; the other would prohibit them.

Bill Introduced in New York Senate Would Reduce Food and Food Packaging Waste by State Government Agencies and Contractors
Directing unused edible food to community food assistance organizations would be the priority method for waste reduction.

Electronics Extended Producer Responsibility Program Proposed in New Hampshire General Court
Manufacturers could participate in either a standard plan developed by the state or implement their own.

Plan to Recycle Unwanted Government Electronics Introduced in Mississippi Legislature
The bill authorizes a possible ban on landfill disposal of electronics starting in 2019.

Companion Bills in Minnesota Legislature Could Increase Electronic Products Reuse
Manufacturers of digital electronic products would need to make repair/update information and tools available to product owners and independent repair services.

Maryland House Measure Would Update Law Addressing Recycling Facilities
Department of the Environment would adopt new regulations.

Recent Bills Would Revise Recycling and Waste Provisions in Two States
The Bills address beneficial use of waste and waste collection and recycling incentives.

Scrap Sales of Cell Tower Batteries Is the Subject of a Maryland House Proposal
The batteries would be added to a list of items requiring sales recordkeeping by scrap metal buyers.

Mississippi Senator Sponsors Bill Requiring Restrictions on Food Containers Having BPA or Phthalates
The bill would also require warning labels on packaging.

Legislators in Four States Consider Restricting Flame Retardants in Certain Products
The different bills vary in the specific flame retardants to be restricted and other provisions.

Vermont Senator Wants to Expand Beverage Container Deposits and Redirect Unclaimed Money
Unclaimed deposits would be directed to a newly created Clean Environment Jobs Fund.

Container Deposit Scheme Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
Five-cent deposits would be required on a range of beverages.

Changes to Existing Container Deposit Schemes in Two States Proposed by Lawmakers
One bill would repeal the state's entire container deposit law.

Single-Use Plastic Bag Bans Proposed in New York and Maine
In New York, recyclable paper bags would need to be provided at no cost to shoppers.

Maine State Legislature to Consider Ban on Disposable Food Service Containers
Substitute packaging would need to be recyclable or compostable.

Two Bills Introduced in Washington Legislature Would Revise the State Electronics Recycling Law
The measures focus on different issues - e-waste collection methods and program management practices.

Study of Yard and Food Waste Proposed in Maryland General Assembly
An interim report would be presented to the Maryland General Assembly and Governor by July 1, 2018.

Three States May Revise their Scrap Tire Laws
A bill in Washington would repeal the state's waste tire fee.

Virginia Lawmaker Proposes Changes to Illegal Dumping and Littering Law
Two bills would increase fines and expand the definition of litter.

Bill in Virginia General Assembly Would Permit Local Government to Enact CFL Recycling Ordinances
CFL bulb wholesalers would be required to takeback waste bulbs.

Indiana Legislator Wants to Require Only Green Cleaning Products Be Used in Schools
The state would prepare a list of approved products and develop guidelines for their use.

Bill in Alaska State Legislature Would Create Chemicals of High Concern to Children List
Tris flame retardants would be banned in the initial version of the list.

Agricultural Pesticide and Container Collection Program Proposed in Texas Legislature
State funding for the program would go through the Department of Agriculture.

New York Senator Wants Environmental Impact Statements Prepared for New Synthetic Turf Installations
However, a 2009 study by the Department of Environmental Conservation did not determine any significant health or environmental problems.

EPR Program for Solar Modules Proposed in Washington State Legislature
Manufacturers would need to submit stewardship plans beginning on January 1, 2020.

Michigan Approves Law Prohibiting Local Plastic Bag Bans
The law took immediate effect.

Restrictions on Single-Use Plastic Bags Proposed in Florida and New York
The proposals are a municipal bag reduction pilot program and a ban.

New York Bill Seeks to Reduce Commercial Food Waste Generation
However, many commercial food establishments would not be covered by the law while others could apply for waivers.

CalRecycle Sets Timeline for Rulemaking on Food Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
The state hopes to achieve a 50% reduction in food waste disposal by 2020.

Energy Department Unveils Institute to Promote Reuse, Recycling and Remanufacturing of Materials
However, the new institute might not be actively supported by incoming Secretary of Energy.

Landfill Gas Collection Requirement Proposed in Virginia General Assembly
If approved, requirement would take effect in 2019.

New York City Council Member Wants More Accessible Data on Some Sanitation Department Operations
One measure requires GPS tracking devices be installed on all sanitation department vehicles.

Pair of Bills Addressing Collection of Waste Pharmaceuticals Planned in Connecticut
Details of the legislation are yet to be presented.

Ban on Manufacture of Receipt Paper Containing Bisphenol A Proposed in New York Senate
The Department of Environment would find acceptable methods to dispose and recycle existing bisphenol A-containing paper supply.

Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Pharmaceuticals Proposed in Washington State Legislature
If the bill is approved, manufacturer take-back plans would be required by January 1, 2018.

Tax on Single-Use Plastic Bags Introduced in Virginia General Assembly
The tax would apply only to localities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Bill Pre-filed in Texas Legislature Would Further Protect Retailers that Want to Distribute Carryout Bags
The legislation would apply to bags made of plastic, paper or other material.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Expands Ban on Disposable Bottled Water Containers
More types of containers will be covered by the 2014 ordinance.

Maui Tentatively Approves Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Service Packaging
The ordinance has been six years in its making.

Washington Department of Ecology Proposes Adding 15 Substances to Chemicals of High Concern List
Among the additions are two bisphenol A substitutes, two phthalates, PFOA and several flame retardants

Maryland Delegate Proposes Restrictions on Lead and Mercury in Wheel Weights
A half dozen other states have approved similar restrictions.

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